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The EMHACKS project goal is to provide a set of useful libraries to help using Emacs or XEmacs.
The complete list is available at the project page.

Please, try the latest developement versions of the libraries. I use them myself, and they should be quite stable. You can download them from the project CVS page. Unfortunately, I don't have time enough to often make new releases.

Among those libraries you will find:

gdiff Use an external GUI diff tool from [X]Emacs
jjar Java Archive builder
jmaker Java Makefile generator
recentf Setup a menu of recently opened files*
ruler-mode Display a ruler in the header linee*
swbuff Quick switch between Emacs buffers
tabbar Display a tab bar in the header linee
tree-widget A tree widget** (see screenshots)

*Part of Emacs since version 21  --  **Part of Emacs since version 22  --  e Emacs only.

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